Make your shared mobility business profitable!

Our data-driven services are automating operations to ensure vehicles are in the right place, at the right time, to meet demand. This enables you to increase revenues by 20% within 8 weeks, while decreasing operational costs.

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60%-80% of your customer demand is not met.

With shared mobility and car usership gaining more and more traction, the gap between supply and demand needs to be addressed. Our Automated Rebalancing and Charging as a Service (ChaaS) do precisely that. Currently, 7 out of 10 customers don't find a vehicle when they need one. We help you supply your vehicles where there is demand, leading to a revenue uptake of 20%+

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StreetCrowd: Exploit the full potential of your fleet

StreetCrowd is enabling over 15.000 citizens across 12 cities to contribute to the future of shared mobility. StreetCrowd matches vehicles requiring rebalancing or charging with crowd users, allowing shared mobility providers to automate operations. In other words, mobility operators have access to scalable, decentralized operations that run 24/7, across the city.


In the absence of a clear strategic roadmap for electro-mobility, services such as provided by Ubiq, are key in order to ensure an e-carsharing fleet that is readily available and fully charged.

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Automated Rebalancing: Unrivalled scalability and reduced operational effort

By utilizing the power of the crowd, mobility providers can benefit from a decentralized operational ecosystem for 24/7 fleet rebalancing. Ubiq takes care of recruiting, managing and steering of the crowd so you don't have to worry about whether your vehicles are in the right place.


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Charging as a Service (ChaaS): Automating the charging process to boost your revenues

To keep fleet availability high, vehicles need to be charged when they aren’t in use, rather than when they are empty. This means exploiting nearby charging infrastructure and combining the charging with vehicle rebalancing to maximize operational efficiency.

Close the gap between supply and demand and make your shared mobility business profitable!

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