We are


What We Do

In one sentence, the StreetCrowd Lords are responsible for the happiness of StreetCrowders around the world.

We guide our users through this exciting adventure from milestone to milestone. We help with registration, we come up with exciting bonuses to activate them, we prepare their payouts, we troubleshoot, we “fight” bugs and forward them to the tech team :D , we surprise our super users with gifts, we send campaigns and newsletters, but most importantly, we reassure our users that the Lords are with them and for them, and that they belong to a great team. Most of the time.

Sometimes even the Lords just survive, we laugh and switch off the PC and go for a walk.


languages spoken


previous professions

(barista, actress, mason, & sailor)


minute meeting experts

This Is What We Sound Like!

Words are great, but sometimes songs just carry more weight. So go grab some headphones, turn up the volume, and get lost in our team's soundtrack. We hope these songs help you envision what it would be like working with us. 

We have to know though, what song would you add to our playlist?

Our Team in Pictures!

They say a picture says a 1000 words. So in the interest of you getting to know our team a bit better, we've gathers some photos for you to look through.  

Find the Right Job for You

Now, that you've gotten to know our team a little bit, feel free to take a look at our open job positions.

Becoming a StreetCrowd Lord...

In the first few weeks, you'll learn how to speak our language as we teach you terms that every real StreetCrowd Lord MUST know. Words like relocation, saturation, move approval, cold car, hot zone etc…

Once you've got the terminology down, it will be time for you to jump into the deep end and start managing the CROWD, a.k.a. StreetCrowd users.


After a few weeks of settling in, you'll officially be a Lord! We welcome the fresh perspective from our new team members which is why we'll want you to share your perspective with us rather quickly. 

Then, when you're tired enough, we'll persuade you to stay for a drink with us after work – this is where the real StreetCrowd Lord initiation takes place. :)  


The rest, as they say, will be history!