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Changes in user behaviour

Since the Covid-19 outbreak user behaviour has changed so drastically it is almost impossible for operators to adapt. Subsequently many have simply discontinued their services.


With fewer people travelling to work or eating out at restaurants, the old ways of predicting demand have become redundant. 

Yet demand still exists. Key workers still need to get to work and non-car owners still need to buy essential items. 

"Since the Covid-19 outbreak user behaviour has changed so drastically it is  almost impossible for operators to adapt."

Ubiq's response

demand-prediction final.png

We have adapted our prediction models to reflect changes in where demand originates. And while predictions, in normal times, are based on the analysis of  months' worth of data, just a week's data is enough to feed our rebalancing algorithms under changed Covid-19 scenarios. This increases the value of sources such as app opening data.


Our real-time predictions are now more applicable to changed user behaviour since the outbreak allowing operators to find demand for vehicles where it is far less structured than before. In doing so we enable operators to start earning again in a matter of weeks or even days.

Our offer

  • Real-time fleet-rebalancing recommendations for your service team or external service provider to execute on so that vehicles can be positioned where new demand is (provided through an API).

  • If execution itself is a challenge, Ubiq can ramp-up its StreetCrowd within 2 weeks. Existing crowds in the following cities can be utilized right away: Berlin, Hamburg, Washington, D.C., Warsaw, Budapest, Seattle and Portland.

To find out how you can start finding customers again within a matter of weeks, contact us.