Improve your fleet's profitability in Warsaw

Our StreetCrowd Service successfully increases revenue, reduces operational costs, and eases the pain related to charging. With already 1,500 StreetCrowders in Warsaw, just imagine what they can do for you in one day! 

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Over 1,500 StreetCrowd users are active for over a year now in Warsaw, contributing to shared mobility in the city. We are aware of the unique challenges every city has - have learned our lessons and can provide a proven service without teething problems.


StreetCrowd enabled us to better ​meet customer demand, ​tap into unrealised potential​ and ​reach operational excellence​ with our carsharing operations.

Mike Remoin

Mobility Manager ReachNow

+20% revenue in 8 weeks

Ubiq is working with shared mobility providers all over Europe and North America, providing Automated Rebalancing and Charging Services. Typically, we are able to increase the revenue of of a fleet by 20% and give you a positive ROI within 8 weeks.

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Fleet intelligence 

as a service

Our data-driven approach allows us to measure the impact and react quickly to changes such as Covid-19 lockdowns and seasonal changes. The demand prediction algorithms of our Ubiq Platform are proven to increase fleet utilisation in over 12 cities in the world

Making Shared Mobility profitable again