Fleet operations made simple and profitable

Our StreetCrowd Service successfully increases revenue, reduces operational costs, and notably simplifies the relocation and charging process. We know that one of the major challenges to running a shared mobility  service is maintaining a high vehicle utilization rate. Our experience in the Berlin, Hamburg and Munich market helps us truly understand the real demand for vehicles at a specific time and positioning individual  vehicles where they are most likely to be used. Simple and profitable! 

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Three unique cities. Three unique challenges.

Over 2.000 StreetCrowd users are now active in three major German cities - Berlin, Hamburg and Munich - contributing to shared mobility in the city. We are aware of the unique challenges each of these cities comes with and we have been adapting accordingly. From implementing distance-based payout to serving micro-mobility hubs, we are always ready and open to finding the best solution for all our collaborators.

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Kuba Jedlinski, Head of Operations and Development innogy go!

Having someone who can objectively analyze my data, who I can openly discuss the outcome and who adds to the recommendation their own experience and observations from other cities, was far more than merely fleet rebalancing.


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Mike Rimoin, Mobility Manager ReachNow

StreetCrowd enabled us to better ​meet customer demand, ​tap into unrealised potential​ and ​reach operational excellence​ with our carsharing operations.


+20% revenue in 8 weeks

Ubiq is working with shared mobility providers all over Europe and North America, providing Automated Rebalancing and Charging Services. Typically, we are able to increase the revenue of a fleet by 20% and give you a positive ROI within 8 weeks.

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Micromobility Landscape 2.0

Fleet intelligence 

as a service

Our data-driven approach allows us to measure the impact and react quickly to changes such as Covid-19 lockdowns and seasonal changes. The demand prediction algorithms of our Ubiq Platform are proven to increase fleet utilisation in over 12 cities in the world

Rebalancing and charging operations made simple?

Yes, with the StreetCrowd™ app.

Making Shared Mobility profitable again

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