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Harness the power of  StreetCrowd

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Rev up your fleet moves with

Crowd-based Operational Execution!

Our StreetCrowd™ API matches vehicles requiring repositioning, charging and/or unplugging, as recommended by our operational intelligence platform,  with the CROWD - our decentralized crowd-sourced service team. Through this, shared mobility operators are able to get their operational tasks done without having to build up and manage their own network of service workers.

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Turn-key Fleet Operations 

Operational execution doesn't have to be hard. In fact, we've made fleet operations turn-key. By tapping into the CROWD, our global crowd-sourced service team, operators no longer have to manage multiple service providers or sift through data to identify inefficiencies. StreetCrowd is an All-in-One solution that's ready to hit the road whenever you are. 

Quickly Launch & Easily Scale Your Fleet 

Because our service teams are crowd-sourced, they are decentralized by nature. This means the CROWD can be anywhere and at any time, offering quick and effortless launches in new cities and unrivalled scalability for your fleet.


Hands-off Management

We manage the CROWD so you don't have to – from recruiting and steering daily operations to payroll and compliance with local working regulations. Operational execution is finally automated!

Operational Execution Services

Which Route Will You Choose? 

StreetCrowd™ API

Route 1

Use our operational intelligence in conjunction with the CROWD via the StreetCrowd™ API for automated fleet operations.

The Crowd

Route 2

Focus purely on operational execution by accessing our global service team to help carry out fleet moves. 


Take your fleet operations to the next level with 

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