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 Operational Intelligence

Unrivalled Intelligence that

Enables Profitable Fleet Operations.

The Ubiq SaaS platform uses data and machine learning to predict demand for shared vehicles in any city. Based on real-time demand, our platform makes vehicle-specific recommendations for operational tasks such as rebalancing, charging, unplugging, and pricing in order to increase vehicle utilization rates and make shared fleets profitable.


Automated Rebalancing

Our Automated Rebalancing service provides around the clock, vehicle-specific rebalancing recommendations to meet demand and increase your vehicle utilization rates.

Rebalancing API

Real-Time Insights

Our Automated Rebalancing service enables you to obtain real-time insights into shared vehicle demand across your city. Use these insights to not only reposition your vehicles in the right places and at the right times, but also to speak to your riders when and where they're ready to listen.

Saturation Detection

By comparing demand with vehicle positioning in real-time, our Automated Rebalancing service detects maximum vehicle saturation levels so your fleet gets rebalanced just right - with our rebalancing service, there's no such thing as too hot or too cold.


Based on Demand

Use our Predictive Charging service to forecast vehicle-specific down times and establish efficient charging cycles (anywhere from full to partial charges). Our engine keeps your EVs in action when they're needed most. 


Infrastructure Availability

Gone are the days when you pull up to an "available" charging station only to find it's actually unavailable. Our Predictive Charging service accurately predicts charging station availability while also proposing the most efficient charging-station location based on future demand.

Adam Charging - Hollywood Cinema Color_Export2.png

Predictive Charging

Increase your EV utilization rates with our Predictive Charging service. It enables you to optimize EV charging cycles and locations by giving you transparency over demand and charging infrastructure in your city. 

Predictive Charging Engine

Battery Swapping

Juice up your fleet intelligently. By predicting a vehicle’s threshold charge, the vehicle’s ability to meet the next wave of demand, we optimize your battery swapping operations as well as reduce your overhead and energy costs. 

Battery Swapping

Optimized Swapping

Enable more rides taken with each shared vehicle by recommending and/or swapping batteries based on predicted demand and battery availability.

Lower Your Energy Costs

Use energy more sustainably by optimizing battery charging cycles based on predicted demand and available charging infrastructure.

Technical Integration
Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Price every ride with real-time demand in mind. Our Dynamic Pricing service uses historical and real-time data to learn when to increase or decrease pricing and by how much based on your specific fleet behavior. No matter the circumstance, our service enables you to meet your customer's willingness to pay.

Car in Motion - 35mm Film Look.jpg

Specific to Your Fleet

If every ride is different, then every ride should be priced differently too. Get vehicle-specific pricing based on real-time demand.


By lowering the price to ride vehicles at the edge of your service areas or in overly saturated zones, for example, our Dynamic Pricing service encourages riders to rebalance your fleet for you.


Technical Integration

Which Route Will You Choose?

Integrate with Your Operational Tooling

Route 1

Operational execution isn't the problem. You just need insights? Then, simply integrate our API into your operational landscape (web tools or apps) and get as-is, ready to use recommendations.

Use Our
Operational App

Route 2

Couple operational intelligence and execution by using our white-label app – whether you have your own service team OR want to harness the power of the CROWD.

Input Data

  • Historic fleet behavior

  • Time of day

  • Day of week

  • Weather

  • Events & Holidays

  • Proximity

Output Recommendations

  • Rebalancing

  • Charging

  • Pricing


Support your fleet with our 

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